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Superb AI joins the AI Infrastructure Alliance as a founding member to help create the AI/ML Canonical Stack

Superb AI has joined forces with 25+ leading ML/AI companies to bring to industry the concept of a Canonical Stack for AI. The hope is to drive strong engineering standards while creating seamless technology and product integrations between the many layers that exist in the AI infrastructure ecosystem. 

By definition, “canonical” means “a set of rules, standards and principles by which something is judged,” and a Canonical Stack (CS) for AI will set the standard for how enterprises develop and design machine learning models at scale. This group aims to empower ML practitioners to move up the stack to solve more complex, higher order problems, instead of trying to build the tools and solutions themselves on every ML project. 

In Algorithmia’s 2021 Enterprise Trends In Machine Learning report, budgets for AI applications and transformation are increasing year over year but these same organizations are still having trouble trying to extract value from these investments. It’s even more startling that these ML teams are still spending an unnecessary amount of time and resources within the DataOps workflow, failing to efficiently prep, manage and deliver high quality datasets into model training at scale. 

Superb AI is currently bringing to market faster and more intelligent ways to process, label and deliver high quality datasets through a unique blend of labeling automation and robust DataOps tools. By decreasing typical dataset delivery time of months down to mere days, teams can shift more focus to building and deploying models with alliance partners like Algorithmia, ClearML, Seldon and more. 

We are so proud to be a part of such an important initiative with so many amazing partners!

About the Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Alliance

The Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA) is a consortium of leading artificial intelligence startups with a mission to help every company realize the infinite potential of AI. Formed in February 2021, the Alliance is focused on tying together the complex web of existing AI technologies into a single Canonical Stack, providing the infrastructure on which any company—from tiny startups to global enterprises—can run impactful AI projects. Founding members include Pachyderm, Seldon, Determined AI, Algorithmia, Tecton, ClearML by Allegro AI, Neu.ro, ZenML by Maiot, DAGsHub, TerminusDB, WhyLabs, YData, Superb AI, Valohai, Superwise.ai, cnvrg.io, Arize AI, CometML, Iguazio, UbiOps, and Fiddler. To learn more about the AIIA or to become a member, visit https://ai-infrastructure.org/.

About Superb AI

Superb AI is an enterprise-level training data platform that is reinventing the way ML teams manage and deliver training data within organizations. Launched in 2018, the Superb AI Suite provides a unique blend of automation, collaboration and plug-and-play modularity, helping teams drastically reduce the time it takes to prepare high quality training datasets. If you want to experience the transformation, sign up for free today. 

Even if your team is not quite ready, but you want to keep tabs on the future of MLOps – subscribe to our whitepaper series.

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Superb AI

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